EMEA Venture


What we DO

About Services

Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications.

We solve the toughest industry problems through the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence.

What we offer

Artificial intelligence will help everyone succeed.

Data Engineering

We build smart systems where artificial intelligence identify trends, anomalies, and growth hacking opportunities in process operation.

ML Integration

We provide end-to-end machine learning models to incorporate Artificial Intelligence powered solutions with enterprise systems.

Prediction System

We create proprietary models for personalized churn prediction, dynamic pricing, fraud detection and customer segmentation.

Data Scraping

We categorise data to enable users to review it. Web scraping save time and provide critical insights on which to act upon.

Object Tracking

We empower with tech solutions for accurate image recognition, and visual search. We help to integrate systems according to your needs.


We apply new technologies in all production processes. Facilities can self-manage more autonomously with efficient responses.

Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing in technology.

We provide ready-to-use enterprise AI applications for high-value use cases

Why Choose Us

With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions

Interface, Data Model, AI/Machine Learning, Application Logic and Integration Architecture

Integration system

Testing and tuning, release, and deployment into production

Apply system

Support, measurement, improvement and user feedback